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Let Me Introduce Myself

My Name is Ian Kariuki Kumu, I live in Nairobi,Kenya.Currently, I work as a Backend Developer.I am highly energetic in backend design, and development of the business logic of an application.

I am passionate about the backend lifecycle of an application including Database Design,API development(REST Architecture),Cloud Plaforms,Web Servers and Version Control.

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Backend DeveloperDukah Africa

I worked as a Backend Developer at Dukah and my main task was to create and deploy a Restful API that powered both the Frontend Web Application and A mobile Application. Some of the key tasks were Payment integration,API authentication, commerce aspect of the application and Documentation.


Software Developer InternRobinson Security

I got the chance to practice some of my Development Skills. I was tasked with creating their Human resource management system which I also deployed on Vultr Server


VolunteerRed Cross Society

I got an attachment at Red Cross Society where i was able to learn about other skills besides IT which include basic first aid.I was able to appreciate life in general



Computer ScienceStrathmore University

I joined Strathmore University in 2018 and graduated in October 2022 with as Bachelor's Degree in Informatics and Computer Science.


High SchoolMoi High School Kabarak

I joined High School in 2014 and accomplished my High School Studies in 2017


Some of the Services I Offer

Service 1
Web Developement

I am able to develop a Website from a simple idea to a fully fledged application

Service 2
Technical Writing

I enjoy writing technical articles and have write some on my blog

Service 3
API Design

I am able to design an API for an application that is being served to many clients. I have specialized in the REST software architectural style and I am currently learning the GraphQL architecture

Service 4
Server Admin

I have worked with servers where I have configured the LAMP and the LEMP software stack respectively.

Recently Done Projects

Laundry Service

A Laundry Management System that helps a laundry business manage the client's needs. It consists of an Invoicing module that is responsible for keeping record of all due payments which are then paid through Mpesa.It has a booking module that is responsible for ensuring that each client's laundry is picked and delivered with ease.It also has a Coupon module that allows the business run promotions so as to increase its revenue

Laravel Bootstrap Adminlte Mpesa API


A General Payment Application that contains implementation of the main payment Gateways acceptable in Kenya. It includes the MPESA Express API, MPESA C2B API and Paypal API

Laravel Mpesa API Paypal API Braintree API

Laravel Mpesa Package

A simple package that helps integrate Mpesa APIs into a Laravel Project

Laravel PHP

Drowsiness Detection System

A Drowsiness Detection system that detects if a driver is sleepy or asleep and alerts them

Python Flask Tesorflow Machine Learning OpenCV


A photographer recommendation system that checks a photographer's photos from the system finds the average and using Euclidean distance finds the closest one based on a given photo and recommends the photographer

Python Flask

HR System

A Human Resource Management System that is responsible for handling employees' records such as their information and files. It has a Payslip Module that automatically mails each employee their payslip at the end of the month.

Laravel Bootstrap Fontawesome Vultr

Inventory System

A Simple Inventory Management System that helps a small business manage their stock

Laravel Bootstrap Google Charts


Over the course of time I have developed Skills in the various software stacks.

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